Free Casino Bonuses – What you need to know

Casino bonuses are one of the main attractions at a casino site and these will draw players to the site and get them to register a real money account. Online casino bonuses can offer players a great way to get some free cash that can be used to place wagers on the games that are supported.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the most popular type of free casino bonus and these are designed for new players only. There are also welcome bonuses associated with credit cards but this is not what we will talk about today. There are two types of bonuses available. The no deposit bonus is a risk free offer that will not require players to make any cash deposit to the casino account. These will offer small amounts of cash to players can test the games. When players make their first cash deposit,they can redeem a deposit bonus,which is a match bonus that is based on the amount of the deposit. Most online casinos will offer a 100% match offer,but there are some that have higher bonuses and others that will award a bonus on the first few deposits.

Ongoing Bonuses

For players that return to the online casino,ongoing bonuses are essential. These bonuses are offered to players who already have a cash account and they are incentives to get players to return to the site for their gambling needs. These free bonuses are available in almost every online casino and can include cash back bonuses,reload bonuses,referral rewards and loyalty rewards. All of these bonuses can be redeemed by any player that has a valid cash account at the site,offering a way to add free casino cash and credits to the account.

Free Bonus Restrictions

When a casino offers a bonus,players should take the time to review the terms and conditions. Each bonus will have restrictions. Some will only be able to be used on specific casino games and others can only be redeemed at certain times. Almost every cash bonus that is found in an online casino will have wagering requirements. This is an amount that players will have to wager on cash games before they can withdraw any winnings that have been generated from the bonus cash. When looking for free casino bonuses,players should look for those that offer the highest amount of cash and have the lowest wagering requirements in place.

What are Free Play Bonuses

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With so many online casino bonus offers available to player who are new to the site,it can become confusing and many players may not understand what each bonus actually means. Free play casino bonuses can confuse many people because they immediately think that the casino will allow them to play any game on the site for free before they ever have to make a deposit to the casino. While this is along the right idea,free play casino offers do have guidelines and rules that must be followed.

When selecting a new online casino that offers a free play bonus,make sure to read all of the terms and conditions that will apply when the bonus is redeemed. A free play bonus may require the player to make an initial cash deposit before they are awarded the free play session. Some casinos will not require this,making the free play bonus more of a no deposit bonus. In either case,the bonus can be rewarding and players could end up winning large amounts of money.

How Free Play Bonuses Work

A free play casino bonus usually is for a specific game and comes in handy if you are broke. Some casinos will allow players to choose from a list of games. The casino will either award the player a specific amount of credits that can be played or a time frame. Some casinos will offer one hour of free play after the player has registered. If the player does not use that time,it will be lost and the bonus will be voided. For casinos that offer the free credits,these too may have to be played within a certain time frame. Any winnings that are earned that exceed the initial amount of the bonus that was given can be cashed out at a later time. For example,if the casino awarded 200 free chips to play with and the player won 400,they would be able to cash out the 200 chip difference.

Bonus Restrictions

One of the catches is when there is a time limit involved. Some casinos may offer $1500 in free chips that must be wagered in one hour. This is tough to accomplish and many new players will find that they do not come anywhere close to using all of the free credits. In these cases,the player will never accrue any winnings over the bonus amount and the casino will not have to pay out.

This all sounds very appealing and seems like a great way to earn some fast money,but the online casinos do not want people registering for an account just to take advantage of no deposit or free play bonuses and then walk away with the cash. This is why the casino implements some regulations and rules that must be met before any amount of money earned from a bonus can be cashed out. One thing to look for with these bonuses is the wagering requirements necessary to withdraw any cash from the player account. Even if a player won thousands of dollars on a bonus offer,if they do not meet the wagering requirements,they will never see that money.

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