How To Make Money By Starting Your Own Blog In The Dating Niche

Starting your own blog especially in the dating field is quite interesting because you get to give people new ideas and advice. There are many blogs out there however that specialize in the dating niche and so there is a lot of competition. Blogging can make you a sizable income if you just know how to go about it which you can learn more about here -. The following are some of the ways in which you can blog and make money:

1. Starting your own blog in the dating niche

The first thing that you should ask yourself is why you are blogging about dating in the first place. Is it because you are genunely interested in the niche or is it because you are blogging out of revenge. If it is out of revenge because a certain man or woman hurt you then you should proceed with caution. This is because it would not be a good show for you if a future love interest found out about your bitterness towards your ex and how you decided to expose intimate details of your past relationships.

Figure out what your goal is. Do you want your blog to be entertaining,informative or do you just wish to share your experiences? Try and keep your blog general. For instance,you can simply blog about what you shouldn’t do on a first date,what to wear,etc. Making a blog controversial and including names of people and direct refernces is a no no. For reasons already stated,you should not express your bitterness towards your ex or how sad your life is without them. Instead keep it classy and invite friends to post guest blogs when the pressure to update your blog becomes too much.

2. Starting your own blog to make money by selling advertising space

Once your dating blog has started to generate numerous amounts of traffic,certain companies will start approaching you so that they can buy some advertising space on your blog. This is because they know with the huge amounts of traffic that your blog is receiving,they will get enough exposure and their services or products will be sold faster. These companies will pay a monthly fee and you can agree on the mode of payment.

Alternatively you can approach companies and offer to sell advertising space on your blog. The company will of course look at the amount of traffic that your blog is generating so that they can determine if it is worth it. Companies with big banner advertisements usually pay a lot of money. Remember that you have to approach a company that is relevant to your niche. For instance,a company that specializes in planning weddings will be happy to advertise their services on a dating blog.

3. Start your blog and make money by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing utilizes a service known as commission junction. This is a feature that allows visitors to click on an advertisement and purchase the product. For every purchase that is made,you will earn a commission. For instance,you can do affiliate marketing for individuals who sell eBooks on dating and relationships. For every reader that clicks on the advertisement and purchases the eBook,you will earn a commission. Learn more: -


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