Scouting The Metroplex
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"Scouting the Metroplex" is a guide to activities you can do with your Cub Scout--either as a parent-child outing, a den outing or even a pack outing. In short, it helps you deliver the program. The booklet is not intended as a thorough guide, but is intended to give you ideas. New and noteworthy is the section on Cub Scout camping. Camping is approved for Cub Scouts as a weekend, pack activity.

The guide is available in three formats to allow you to download it. The Adobe Acrobat(R) format is the best format for printing the book. The other two formats, Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect will allow you to load the booklet into a word processor. Using either formats, you can customize the book for those special spots that your boys like.

Because the book is in an electronic format, please feel share your ideas so that it can be updated frequently.

Hank Voegtle

Scouting The Metroplex - Adobe Version

Scouting The Metroplex - Microsoft Word Version

Scouting The Metroplex - Corel WordPerfect Version