Silver Beaver
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The Silver Beaver award is given for outstanding and noteworthy service to boyhood by registered Scouters upon recommendation of the Circle Ten Council and by approval of the Executive Board of the National Council.

The recipients are well known to Scouters and the public throughout our council. Their service to boys through Scouting over many, many years is matched by their devotion to their fields of endeavor and to community life: church, civic service, school, state and nation.

These so honored were nominated by their fellow Scouters, carefully considered by the Council Silver Beaver Committee, and recommended to the National Council, which alone can confer this high award.


1952 Malcolm Bowers
1954 William Saunders
1955 Lon Sailers
1956 Nathan Kopel
1958 Alfred L. Meyers
1959 EstaBrook Glosser
1961 Alfred Benjamin
1962 John M. Grover
1963 David Robertson
1965 Maurice Beck
Dr. William Shelton
William (Mack) White
1966 Linwood Barton
Larry Smith
Carol Schoberle
1967 Jones McDonnell
Howard L. Day
1968 Bennet Harrington
Paul M. Cork
1969 Jack C. Allen
Charles Devoll
1970 Fred Zimmerman
1971 Richard Arnett
C. Milton Daniell
Everett King, Jr.
Altha Pond
1972 Jim W. Ince
Harold Sohner
1973 Elaine Blair
Janett Capp
1974 Terry Freeman
Johnny D. Gimarc
Ben Skinner
Vincent Thompson
1975 James T. Lineback
Robert Little
Norman W. Meador
James F. Young
1976 Brady Cox
Dr. Gilbert Hatcher
Paul K. Landtiser
Alice Williams
1977 R. Douglas Coffin
Randy Crawford
Dr. Lewis Eidson
1978 Harry S. Furst
John F. Hochgraf
William Holtz
Peter K. Lutken
1979 Charles A. Wood
Dr. Jeff B. Bruton
1980 Rebel Blackwell
Charles Marcus
Craig L. Stephens
Peter J. Weyruns
1981 John C. Cooper
William W. Crump
Forrest A. Garb
1982 Larry F. Walls
Walter McCabe
Kenneth Goldstein
1983 William H. Clayton
Robert Johnson
Sharon Lee
1985 Martin Bencoht
Dan Herndon
James Kilgore
Milton Wyatt
1986 Spencer L. Lengyel
William Clayton, Jr.
Earl Hagn
Jerry Hobb
1987 Kay Sanders
Roy O'Neal
1988 Mary Hall
Willard Moon
George Miller
Rowland Lewis
Robert Sypult
Richard Hogue
1989 Ed Carpenter
Gary Chasey
1990 Dr. Joe Barner
Charles Douglas Holmes
Dr. Sam Tinsley
1991 Al Bandy
Judy Eastburn
Fred Petry
Marie Van Arsdale
1992 Kevin Fagan
Chuck Haseman
1993 Mark Carpenter
Cliff Clark
Glenn Haynes
Homer Rodriguez
1994 Jim Brown
Alan Gray
Larry Kuhlken
Terry Winborn
1995 Margaret Duncan
Mike Gibbs
Tom Holder
1996 Jonas Berk
Lisa Earl
Dan Hagel
Marty Korn
John Richardson
John St. Denis
1997 Gary Hill
1998 Terry Cody
Ron Coker
Robert Gates
Cindy Liddy
1999 Dr. Howard Linn
2000 Dan Gessley
Bill Heslop
Kent Metzger
2001 Steve Healy
John McCollum
Scott N. Thompson
David Wakefield
Gerald O. Williams